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You’re thinking about fitness all wrong, How to change that and stick to your goals.

It’s almost end of January, and you may feel like a fitness failure. Join the gym, find a yoga class or lose 10 kg? .....Not a chance. Go from couch to 5K? .....Still on the couch. Achieve that feeling of euphoria your friends say they get after spinning class? .....It’s still Greek to you. Instead of calling it quits for the year, what if you resolved to change your mind-set about fitness?


10 Common Diet Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Weight.

Ever feel like you are in an endless struggle to drop your pants size or squeeze into that sexy dress? Are you perplexed that your clean diet and regular exercise efforts have less than optimal results? You may think you are doing all the right things, but it’s possible that the diet and fitness protocol you are following could be keeping you from reaching your goal weight and getting the body that you want.


WEIGHT LOSS vs. FAT LOSS. What’s the difference?

The million dollar question is: Do you want to lose weight or do you want to lose fat? To many people, those terms are interchangeable, there is no difference between weight loss and fat loss. That’s because most people think when they start exercising, they’re automatically going to lose fat. It’s not true! Weight loss and fat loss are two totally different things.


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