Flabuloss Fat Burner – An Honest Review

Here is an honest review based on my own experiences using Flabuloss fat burner and how it worked for me.

Where we usually start with the function and content of the capsules to help give you a better understanding of the product and what it promises and what my experiences were while using them so that you can make an informed decision on whether you would like to use this product or not. I am going a different route this time.

The list of ingredients is not too long, but the list of benefits is so long that I decided not to list them here as the focus is on HOW the product works. If you would like to know more about the ingredients and their benefits, for those who would like the theory behind it all, I will include a link below to read up on.

Now as you might know, my forte is honest reviews. This is to gain trust and credibility in my reviews and to help people find a product that is right for them. I am all for supporting those in losing weight and not wasting time or money; so in the spirit of HONEST REVIEW, I would like to disclose that this is my own product, I took a popular product that was causing many unwanted/unnecessary negative side effects and improved on it by removing the guilty ingredients and replacing them with better, powerful, healthier ingredients so that everyone can reap the benefits of losing weight and feeling good about themselves.

Please understand that even though this is my own product I have remained fair and unbiased, in fact I pushed the product to the limits just to be sure that it does what it is meant to do. So I took it up a notch; I purposely ate badly over the 14 day trial to test how it would work for the average, realistic person who does not eat chicken breasts and kale or exercise 2 hours daily. (Note that this was for scientific purposes and NOT an invitation to go crazy and eat an unhealthy diet, if you are serious about losing weight the RIGHT way, it is important to fuel your body with nutritious foods. This will ensure fast/optimal results far superior to the results you would yield from junk food, not to mention the health complications that come with highly refined foods.)

Now without further ado, here is the product info:

Flabuloss is a new hybrid product on the market. It is a fat burner, appetite suppressant and vitamin supplement that has all the advantages of regular fat burners, with many added health benefits and little to no side effects.

Maintenance/General supplement:

Drink 1 capsule every day. Important: Drink a MINIMUM of 250ml of water per 10kg of bodyweight per day (*this really is important to avoid the risk of dehydration)

How do I use this product?

PHASE 1 – Introductory phase: Drink 1 capsule every morning for 10 days then skip 2 days and move on to PHASE 2.

PHASE 2 – Drink 2 capsules first thing in the morning for 5 consecutive days, followed by a 2 day break. (Repeat until goal weight is achieved, then move to maintenance should you wish to do so).

Not suitable if:

You are pregnant or breast feeding.

Consult your GP if you have or have had low blood pressure/ blood coagulation disorders/ gastric ulcers or you are on prescription medication (*all due to this supplement contributing to aid in regulating these health problems, which might change you treatment needs E.G. it helps lower blood pressure so if you are taking them with your blood pressure medication, it might lower it too much which can cause complications.)

*N.B: Discontinue use two weeks prior to operations/major medical procedures.


The product starts with an introductory phase known as PHASE 1. This gives the body time to gently adjust to the ingredients of the product to avoid any side effects. BUT,… Because I know there WILL be people who are over enthusiastic, I did what I thought many others would do: I skipped PHASE 1 and jumped right into PHASE 2 and this is what I experienced:

  • Mildly upset tummy (Probably due to the fiber)
  • Sweet, fruity taste in my mouth (This is due to the raspberry ketones)
  • Frequent urination and slightly dry mouth (This is due to the caffeine content)
  • Cold chills (I am not sure, but I suspect the L-carnitine is the culprit here)
  • Slight headache (Again, most likely the high caffeine content which my body was not used to)
  • Slightly moody (I suspect this was due to feeling overstimulated by the caffeine, which can be expected when the introductory phase is skipped.)

These side effects lasted no more than 3 days and by day 4 I was feeling awake/alert and I noticed that my general mood had improved significantly as reported by many others using the product. My mother who suffers from depression reported that her mood has improved so much that she feels it does a better job than her anti-depressants.

Pros & Cons

(Based on my own experience )

Loads of energy, a clear mind, longer endurance to exercise ( I was exercising less than I usually would in spirit of being realistic and staying true to the average person who does not have time to exercise excessively), appetite control (I am usually thinking about lunch while eating breakfast, but in this case I was never hungry at any point but still stuck to eating foods loaded with sugars/fats to ensure the study was accurate), increased need to drink water (I was thirsty, which is a pro as well as a con but drinking a lot of water is never bad in my opinion), weight loss in kg and cm, satiety – I found myself shrinking my portion sizes instinctively, but this could also be due to the high calorie, fatty, sugary, refined foods I was eating, easy to use (two capsules a day) The formulation is safe if you are on antidepressants, have thyroid problems or high blood pressure. It comes with a free meal plan! 

(Based on my own experience )

I found that everyone metabolises the product differently. My energy levels lasted roughly 8 hours so I could safely take mine at 11am and last until I finish work at 7pm.But I have one client who metabolises the product within 4 hours! So she would take hers at 6am and by 10am she would experience the drop and feel drained. This can be avoided by testing the time yours lasts and breaking it up into two doses instead of one, so for example she would take one at 10am and her second capsule at 2pm when she felt the drop, causing a “second wave” and helping her sustain her energy levels until 6pm. Side effects although mild and self-inflicted by skipping PHASE 1, were still uncomfortable, A LOT of urination, feeling cold (I do not do well with the cold AT ALL)but this subsided once my body adjusted, mild upset tummy( tolerable but still caused discomfort) irritable/moody the first 3 days.

I have had reports that the product is “not as strong” as expected compared to its popular competing brand, but bear in mind not feeling jittery or nauseas does NOT mean it is not working.

This product was designed to be subtle and gradual and to have little to no side effects so that everyone can benefit from it.

The meal plan is quite basic and generalised so if you have any goals other than weight loss, the meal plan will most likely not be of much use to you.


Based on my client’s experiences and my own, this product can be deemed user friendly, is of high quality (as expected when someone puts their name on it) and suitable for basically anyone over the age of 12 (you do not want to give a young child this much caffeine, trust me). Over the two weeks I ate things like death by chocolate cake (900 Kcals per slice!) cheesecake, fridge tart, chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, deep fried fish and chips, pringles, crème soda, sour worms, pin pops and cheese grillers and I STILL managed to lose 2.5kg in the 14 days! I was expecting to maintain my weight at the most, so I was really impressed by this result.


The product has its pros, as well as cons. In my unbiased opinion, the pros vastly outweigh the cons and the cons were really self-inflicted by being impatient. The mild discomfort for the first few days was completely forgotten when I saw the results. Naturally this will most likely be underestimated, because there are so many different products at the moment that promise to deliver, only leaving us disappointed and feeling hopeless. I stand behind this product, not because it is my own; but because it is homeopathic and has no harsh and/or hidden ingredients that can potentially harm your body in the process of trying to lose weight. There is nothing worse than finding something good and it being discontinued because people manufacture them below board.

THERES A BUT: even though it is a 100% natural product, it can be dangerous for people who are weight obsessed and should NEVER be used just to keep you from eating anything at all. I know to some, not eating at all can be more than appealing to shed those extra kilos fast, but trust me, nothing good will come of starving your body of nutrients it needs to function, FOOD IS FUEL. The capsules provide weight loss at a more than decent pace and extreme measures are not necessary.

Based on my overall experience, this product gets a 4 out of 5 (losing one point purely because of the discomfort experienced in my first 3 days of using it, even though I would not have experienced it if I had followed instructions) It is completely worth the price as it delivers what it promises. I am more than happy to spend R490 for 6 weeks of real/safe weight loss, that’s less than R85 a week for REAL results. In my opinion these blends of ingredients/benefits cannot be beaten or has not yet been matched. So there is definite value for money and is a great booster if wanting to improve your health, lose weight and feel better about yourself in general. I recommend ages 12 and up due to the high caffeine content, unless you are unfortunate enough to have an allergy to one of the listed ingredients, this product is for you.

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Lilly Bezuidenhout

Lilly Bezuidenhout

As a single mother at 21 who weighed 134kg, at the age of 25 I finally decided to take control of my weight and my life. This led me down the road to health. It was a long, confusing journey that proved to be quite challenging with no help, knowledge or support system for that matter.
After a lot of research, dedication and hard work, I lost a whopping 60kg! It was then that I decided this gift of health and well-being was one that needed to be shared.
In order to share my knowledge and experience with others struggling to become healthy or lose weight, I took the leap and enrolled at a fitness school to become a personal trainer. To date I am a qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, child nutritionist and mesotherapist and the journey to knowledge has only just begun.
Someone once said: “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him how to fish and you give him a skill that will feed him for a lifetime.” Health and wellness is not a fish, it’s the skill set to be a fisherman. Well today, I want to give you the proverbial fishing rod to your health and well-being.

This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Good morning Lily

    My name is Olga Timbe, I’m in Mozambique, and Im interesting about this product Flabuloss Fat Burner or the Secret Fat Burner.

    I want to loss 10kg, please help me.

    Best Regards
    Olga Timbe

    1. Lilly Bezuidenhout

      Hi Olga,
      I have contacted all couriers available for international shipping and the Cheapest charged 540 South African Rands, the shipping costs more than the product and I have exhausted all possibilities, shipping is just too much for clients to pay. So sorry

  2. I’ve been using this for more than two weeks and haven’t lost anything! I’ve been watching what Im eating and only cheated twice. This morning I got on the scale and have in fact picked up! Disappointed.

    1. Lilly Bezuidenhout

      Hi Brenda, I am sorry to hear the product did not work to your satisfaction, it is a milder product and it may not blow the minds of every person who uses it. As I have always said there are no magic pills or quick fixes, these products are made to AID in our weight loss and are not there to do the work for us while we sit back and junk on “cheat” meals, remember when you “cheat” you are not cheating anyone but yourself; we need to look deeper as to why you feel the need to “cheat” and why it seems to be such a normal part of your lifestyle and then we need to work on eliminating that bad habit by replacing it with habits that are healthier and in the best interest of your goals. Weight loss is so much more than what the scale says, with the wrong interpretation and approach on weight loss, we are almost always doomed to be disappointed by the scale. Many do not realise this, but losing weight is a science… With that said, it is imperative to realise that you cannot outrun a bad diet. Saying I “only cheated” twice this week but gained weight is like saying I only broke the law twice yet they put me in jail. This is not a healthy approach and we need to work on your mindset and your knowledge of weight loss. Most people half starve themselves and end up gaining due to binges from that starvation, others eat small amounts of the wrong foods and justify it by the quantity, not realising that the wrong kinds of foods are calorie dense and could send calorie counts through the roof. I understand your frustration but unless you were following a specific meal plan catered to your goals and did not “cheat” as you call it, there could be many factors that might have caused the weight gain. Every single person’s body is different and I did not seem to have that problem, but I cannot speak for everyone. I can only speak for myself, which is what this blog is about, my own personal experiences with these products. No promises of miracles, only how they have worked for me. We need to look at your lifestyle, the list of weight gain causes is endless, eating too much (unless you count calories you will not know for certain), eating too little (yes you can gain weight if you do not fuel your body efficiently), cortisol levels could be too high(how is your stress management?), Not drinking enough water (water is responsible for almost every function in our body), were you following the provided meal plan? if so it vastly caters to the general public and not to individual/special needs, you might need a special type of meal plan catered to your goals and to your bodily functions/lifestyle. These are just a few of many factors that could be hindering your weight loss, I would recommend that your forget about the hopes of quick fixes and consult with a clinic or life coach about adapting a healthy mindset, the mind is the leader, it is responsible for our actions and functions. Where the mind goes, energy flows. You cannot expect your body to move into weight loss when your mind is not completely in it. A good coach would be able to teach you these things and you will not believe the difference it could make. If you are based in East London, I would be more than happy to work with you. Alternatively, please consult a weight loss clinic or health coach, you will not regret it.

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