Quiz: Are you committed to being fit?

Fitness, as we all know, is like nutrition to the body.
How many minutes/hours do you invest in a day towards your fitness?
Take this quiz to assess whether you are going to be fit for life or is it temporary?

1. Your fitness goal is…

  • A. to lose weight
  • B. to stay fit, get stronger, increase stamina, flexibility; etc
  • C. to get a chance to make more friends

2. You have signed up for a class/gym for one month because:

  • A. I want to knock off the promised 5 kilos and get out of there.
  • B. I’d like to try out the class/gym and instructor before I sign up for longer.
  • C. I’m not sure if I will find the right set of people to hang out with.

3. How many days a week do you work out?

  • A. 7 days
  • B. 4 to 6 days
  • C. Nothing fixed

4. Your definition of fitness is…

  • A. Losing weight and looking great!
  • B. Being fit and fab!
  • C. Who cares?

5. How long would you like to go on exercising?

  • A. Just till I lose my weight and look good
  • B. Forever!
  • C. Depends.

6. When your trainer asks you to do 15 squats, you do…

  • A. 20!
  • B. 15
  • C. 8 to 10

7. Do you like your workout?

  • A. You nuts? But it gets the job done!
  • B. Love it!
  • C. I don’t know

8. Something urgent comes up at the time of your class/gym session. You…

  • A. Feel there is nothing more urgent than your workout
  • B. Attend to the urgent matter and reschedule your exercise session for another time in the day
  • C. Cancel my workout ; I can go some other day

9. Your trainer can’t make it today and sends in a substitute who puts you on a totally different workout. You…

  • A. Convince him/her to do exactly what you need
  • B. Are open to the new experience
  • C. Don’t care

10. On a holiday out of town, your way of exercise is…

  • A. Relax and flaunt my newly acquired hot bod!
  • B. Walking through the new sights or swimming in the sea
  • C. Dancing

Calculate your score (total number of As, Bs, and Cs)


Mostly A’s – Temporarily driven

Fitness to you means achieving your current goal. You go all out and attain it you do! But beware, you are very likely to give up once you feel you have the body you want.
This causes the yo yo effect; making you bounce in and out of good health and shape. In turn it could lead to health hazards.
Try to find a fitness plan that you enjoy and are happy to achieve your goal as a by-product of staying fit.

Mostly B’s – Fitness is your religion

You are definitely committed to being and remaining fit lifelong!
You enjoy your workouts, have a realistic goal and weave fitness into your daily life with the right spirit. As a result you have a trim and shapely body; radiating good health!

Mostly C’s – Lackadaisical

Your attitude towards fitness is casual. This makes your workouts irregular and half-hearted. Your lack of commitment could largely be because you haven’t picked a form of exercise you can enjoy.
Try something different; a sport, cycling, swimming, tae kwando, Bollywood dancing or boot camp.

Don’t like your results? Want to make a change? Read my blog on understanding mindset and how to change the way you think about fitness

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Lilly Bezuidenhout

Lilly Bezuidenhout

As a single mother at 21 who weighed 134kg, at the age of 25 I finally decided to take control of my weight and my life. This led me down the road to health. It was a long, confusing journey that proved to be quite challenging with no help, knowledge or support system for that matter.
After a lot of research, dedication and hard work, I lost a whopping 60kg! It was then that I decided this gift of health and well-being was one that needed to be shared.
In order to share my knowledge and experience with others struggling to become healthy or lose weight, I took the leap and enrolled at a fitness school to become a personal trainer. To date I am a qualified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, child nutritionist and mesotherapist and the journey to knowledge has only just begun.
Someone once said: “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him how to fish and you give him a skill that will feed him for a lifetime.” Health and wellness is not a fish, it’s the skill set to be a fisherman. Well today, I want to give you the proverbial fishing rod to your health and well-being.

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